IPES History


History of the IPES

There are approximately 30 million men effected by erectile dysfunction in the United States alone. Around the world there are more than 70 million men effected.

The majority of men effected by ED still have the desire and ability to have and preform sexual intercourse. What is missing is the ability to attain an erection. To fill that need there have been inventions that have been patented that reaches back to the 1950’s.

Our Story

The idea and prototype was made in early 2014. The result was amazing. The IPES worked so well that it was 100% effective. At this point in the invention we sent out prototypes. The test group was so happy with the results that feed back was immediate.

One of the usual comments from the test subjects was, “I feel like a man again.”

Solving the Problem

Viagra / Calais

These are the common drugs to solve the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. The common thinking is that these drugs ALWAYS work. The truth is that these drugs only work sometimes or never work. For example someone with Diabetic Neuropathy will never get an erection with these drugs. ThisĀ  is not to say these are the only problems that are associated with these drugs. The medical problems that are the cause of ED can be compounded by the drugs, such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, ect.

For a man who is healthy enough to have sexual intercourse, the IPES is 100% effective. Pleasure is a result to the MAN and WOMAN.